Making a Small Difference in a Big World


  • Tape one of these to your letter to help spread the word!
    Tape one of these to your letter to help spread the word!



        The Rose Deliverers is a project to bring random acts of kindness onto the streets. Created by Naomi Chan, The Rose Deliverers (TRD) hopes to bring a small piece of joy into a random strangers day. 

        The rules are simple: give flower(s) to somebody you don't know. It can be on the city streets, in your school hallway, or even through the mail. Tag on an encouraging note and you've got yourself a TRD flower. Remember to do it politely, with a smile, and to mention in the note for them to "pay it forward" so that other people may experience the same joy! 

        Lastly, write that you're doing this with many others as part of The Rose Deliverers, as we hope to bring light into a stranger's day, not suspicion! (If you've got the time, feel free to tape a TRD design onto the message. A picture of these are located on the main page slideshow. Print the image and cut them out.)

        But why are we creating this initiative? In the modern world we live in, we often forget that the people we merely coexist and never meet with have backstories that are beyond our wildest imaginations. Behind a smile, someone may be feeling something entirely different from what their outward appearance suggests. It's so easy to feel alone, so easy to feel weak, so easy to feel unhappy. So, the small act of giving someone a flower can be a way of saying "I care". Who knows, you may even strike up a lasting friendship.

        Please, take part and be The Rose Deliverer, and you might just make someone's day.

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Places We've Touched:

Washington D.C.
New York
San Francisco 
Los Angeles
San Diego
Costa Rica

...and more!



"People have no idea how small acts can have a big influence on others.

A few years ago on Valentine's Day, a clown gave me a heart-shaped
balloon. As I have no significant other, I thought I'd give it to a
couple who seemed very much in love. The man was very shocked and
said, "Is this for real? I have never had anyone in my life just give
me something for no reason! What's the catch?" I was equally shocked.
"No catch. Just a random act of kindness."

Another story-- years before, I was in a therapy group and one of the
participants said he had always wanted a teddy bear and his family
would never allow it. He said it was too late now that he is a grown
up. The next session, I presented him with a teddy bear and he burst
out crying. He said it was the kindest thing anyone had ever done for

Random Acts of Kindness -- Changing the World One Small Act at a Time." 

--Lauren H. (New York)